Orbit 5/8 Inch Brass Clincher Hose Mender Bundle

SKU: B10014

MPN: 58070N=1, 58073N=1, 58076N=1

Brand: Orbit

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The Orbit 5/8 inch Brass clincher hose mender bundle is a great way to extend the life of any 5/8" watering hose. This bundle includes a 5/8 in. brass female hose mender (Orbit part # 58073N), a 5/8 in. brass male hose mender (Orbit part # 58070N) and a 5/8 in. brass repair mender (Orbit part # 58076N). These menders are simple to use in three easy steps; 1-simply cut the hose at the damaged area, 2- insert the barbed end of the mender into the hose and 3- tighten the clincher claws to the ou...